Great question. This is one I have never put much thought into honestly until recently. Being a creative always just felt like an innate part of my being. From a young age I wanted to explore fashion and develop my own personal style, I've always had an ignited passion for music and art as well. Being a creative never really felt like an additive to my personality, it just felt like it was an aspect of myself I needed to tap further into. As I've gotten older and experienced more in life, I have been able to reason why I am a creative. Being a person who also feels very deeply, creativity has allowed me to convey who I am and what I am specifically feeling without having to necessarily articulate it. Whether it be through music, writing, photography, etc. I have been able to expressively show who I am when I didn't necessarily have/ or want to say the words.

While watching the Emmy Awards this Sunday, Alec Baldwin (what a babe) brought up a profound point in his acceptance speech. He discussed how as artists, we are creating important work, and that when our time here is over it's the other creative people we've met, the words we have written, and the songs we have heard that will stick with us forever. I am a creative, because it's through those mediums that I remember what got me through specific times, and I would also love to serve as a person who creates work that has the same emotional impact on someone else, even if it be just one person. Having to justify your work to others outside of the creative industry is frustrating often at times, but there is no other path I would rather take in life. 

Regina Menninger